IrisOnline 2.0

In Iris Online you can choose between 3 Races: Hybrids, Humans, and Elves
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In Iris Online you have the option of choosing between 3 Races: Hybrids, Humans, and Elves. Each race possesses its own unique traits, attributes, and job classes as your level progresses. To see which race and class best fit your style and personality, please take a look at the job tree below.

Quests are an essential part of playing Iris Online. By completing quests, you will receive a variety of rewards including Gold, Exp, Sxp, Exclusive Items, Access to Exclusive Areas, and much more. Quests are also one of the key ways to level up and gain new skills for your character(s).

To begin a quest, open your map by pressing "M" on your keyboard. You will notice different NPC icons throughout the map. Locate a NPC with either a "!" or "?" and put your mouse over that NPC, you will notice a small menu appears listing available quests from this particular NPC. If you click on the NPC, your character will automatically travel to the location of the NPC.

When you locate the NPC, click on the blue icon above their head. This will initiate a conversation where you can get information regarding specific quests. From here, can you choose which quest to accept or ignore.

You have the ability to accept multiple quests from multiple NPCs. You can manage all of your quests by pressing "L" on your keyboard. From here, you can choose to abandon quests, hide quests, and view completed quests and quests in progress. Furthermore, all quest(s) in progress will automatically appear on the quest window on the right side of the screen.

Through Iris’s mysterious Divination System, players can have their Tarot Cards read from a fortune-telling NPC or even on their own. Let the Fortune Teller reveal the secrets of the mystic arts and your character may receive buffs and other special boosts in exchange! Tarot cards can also be used to enhance weapons and armor, customize items, and carve special abilities. Collect all 22 major cards and 56 minor cards for unlimited variations and endless expansions.

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